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Music Download Center helps you find, download and listen to music
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Lukas Diener

Music Download Center is a useful application that will let you find, download and listen to music from the Internet. Besides this main function, it will also allow you to listen to online radio stations according to a musical genre of your choice.
Finding songs on the Web with this application is as easy as typing the words that describe the tune you are looking for. Just type the name of the artist or the title of the song, and Music Download Center will take care of searching music sites, finding music, filtering and ordering the results. Then, you can use the Download button to start to download the file or drag it to the Playlist. If you decide to download a song, it will automatically open a download window by which you can download many files simultaneously. However, this system offers no guarantees to the quality of the download; if the Internet connection is lost during the downloading, the song will be truncated at the already downloaded time with no capability of resuming the download. What is more, this does not allow accelerating the transfer as it performs linear instead of multi-thread downloading.
This program shares many of the characteristics of Mozilla Firefox, such is the case of installing add-ons, as extensions or plugins, from external files or by downloading from the Internet. It also allows browsing the Internet, just as you would do in any web browser, and searching the Internet using Google as a search engine. In addition, you can have access to the history of visited URLs.

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  • It downloads music directly from the Internet
  • It helps to find downloadable music


  • The downloading process does not allow resuming
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