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Allows you to search for music on the Internet and download it
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Lukas Diener

Music Download Center is a handy application whose main aim is to allow you to search for music on the Internet and download it. However, the program offers you some additional functions, like Internet radio and a very basic web browser. Music Download Center can also keep a history of your music downloads, and it shows you detailed information whenever an important event occurs.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface, Music Download Center is very easy to use. Its visual design is pretty uncolored and visually unattractive, though. On the left side, you can select the function you want to use from the menu provided. The available options are Search, Radio, Internet, History, and Downloads. Depending on your choice, the contents of the big central panel will vary.

The most representative function of the program is Search, of course. It will perform a query using the search terms you typed (e.g., the artist's name and/or the song title) and it will then display the results found in just one or two seconds. However, I would say this program displays very few results as compared to other music search engines. Besides, you will need to maximize the program's window to get access to the column with the "Download" buttons that you need to click in order to grab any of the songs found. The program searches for your terms using a series of online well-known services, such as MP3Skull, Dilandau, SoundCloud, and others, though you can also suggest new services.

The Radio service, on the other hand, allows you to select your desired genre among nearly 1000 options, and the program will search for on-line radio stations accordingly. However, in my testing, I was never offered a valid station I could listen to, regardless of the genre selected. Finally, the Internet service of the program allows you to type a URL, whose corresponding webpage will b e displayed just like in any other Web browser. However, Music Download Center offers a really basic set of surfing controls and functions.

In conclusion, I would say that even though Music Download Center offers multiple interesting functions, they still require to be improved considerably. Besides, due to the deficient ─ or virtually nonexistent ─ help system, I would honestly recommend you to try any of the many other music downloaders around first.

Ricardo Soria
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Review summary


  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Offers other functionality, besides simple music search and download
  • Shows you detailed information when an important event occurs
  • Fast music search process


  • Poor visual design
  • Displays very few results as compared to other music search engines
  • It seems not to be capable of finding valid on-line radio stations
  • Too basic Internet surfing controls and functions
  • Virtually nonexistent help system
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